Chery FV2030-01

Chinese automakers Chery and JAC will each be bringing concepts to the Beijing motor show later this month. Chery will be showing off its FV2030, a sleek-looking crossover, while JAC will be displaying its SUV called the “SC5.”

First up, is the four-door crossover from Chery, which sports a coupé-like shape. The concept is likely to be a response to the likes of the Nissan GripZ concept and the Toyota C-HR, both of which feature a similar low-slung shape. Most noticeable is the large front grille, which is flanked by a pair of red intakes and extremely thin headlamps.

At the side, the concept’s character is elaborated with black cladding along the wheel arches and more red below. At the back, the taillamps appear to be as sharp as the front headlamps. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem to have side windows or doors.

According to the company, it’s an electric concept that possesses an energy recuperation system built in the wheels. Also, Chery noted that it has a holographic display inside the cabin, which projects 3D images of a variety of information.

Meanwhile, the other concept is from JAC. As mentioned, it’s called the SC5 and a production version will be ready in 2017. It’s a midsize SUV which does look somewhat like a Lexus. The grille in particular resembles the Japanese luxury brand spindle design, while the headlights’ cluster of LEDs appear to have been nicked from the new LC coupé.

It is believed that the SC5 will have a hybrid powertrain; however, the production model will reportedly get a turbocharged 1.5 litre and 2.0 litre units with up to 200 hp. With that said, more information of the Chery FV2030 and JAC SC5 can be expected on April 25, before their debut at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show.