Suzuki turbo bike patent drawings1

After the success of the 2016 Kawasaki H2 and H2R, which brought supercharging for motorcycles back to public attention, it appears as if Suzuki might be going the same way for its GSX-R superbikes, if rumours are to be believed. According to an autoevolution report, patent drawings have appeared showing what appears to be a very Gixxer-like sportsbike with an intake plenum apparently accommodating a forced induction system.

Forced induction is not new to Suzuki, after its release of the XN-85 into the market back in the 80s. Using the inline-four, DOHC, GSX engine, the 673 cc XN-85 – the ’85’ was the bike’s hp rating – was supposed to herald a new age of powerful motorcycles that weighed less than normally aspirated bikes.

1983 Suzuki XN-85 Turbo

As emissions standards become more stringent worldwide, manufacturers are looking to get more power and efficiency from smaller capacity engines. This trend is apparent in cars on the market today, and motorcycle engines, despite their fuel efficiency, will not be far behind.

Aside from the drawings, there is no other real information about what Suzuki might be up to with forced induction for its road-going bikes. A rumour from earlier this year had some pictures on what looked like a Hayabusa with a 1,400 cc power-plant getting a turbocharger, but everything seems to have gone quiet since then.