Acura CDX official Beijing 2016 5

At the ongoing Beijing Auto Show, Acura has lifted the veils off of its new CDX. The compact premium SUV, which will be manufactured by the Guangzhou-Honda joint venture, will look to go up against the Mercedes-Benz GLA and Audi Q3. The CDX will hit Chinese market in Q4, priced between 250,000 and 300,000 yuan (RM150,235 to RM180,282).

It is now confirmed that the CDX does indeed ride on the same platform as the Honda HR-V (known in China as the XR-V), and shares a lot of parts with it as well. It is also longer (by 201 mm) and wider (by 68 mm) than the HR-V – 4,495 mm long and 1840 mm wide. Additionally, the CDX is 5 mm shorter (1,600 mm) and has 50 mm added to its wheelbase (2,660 mm).

Aside from different dimensions, the CDX also gets entirely new styling as well. Up front, there is a diamond-shaped grille as seen on the Acura Precision Concept, with a large badge in the centre. A pair of Jewel Eye full-LED headlamps form one part of the lighting setup, with shapely LED fog lamps being the other.

Acura CDX official Beijing 2016 7

The CDX’s profile does reveal a few changes from the Acura Concept SUV-X concept from three years ago, although the prominent character lines are still clearly visible here. The wheels seen here are 18-inch options as well.

The rear gets a pair of tail lamps that adopt the same “kink” design as the headlamps, with a subtle black trim piece linking them. Just below it is a much smaller Acura badge on the defined liftgate. Towards the lower apron, there are carved-out rear fog lamps and a twin exhaust pipe setup. Additionally, the lower sections of the CDX, from front to rear, are painted black as well.

Under the hood, the CDX is powered by a 1.5 litre L15B9 turbocharged engine rated at 182 hp and 240 Nm (5 hp and 14 Nm more than the Civic’s L15B8). The mill is mated to a new eight-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, which comes with a torque converter. Two- and four-wheel drive versions of the powertrain will be offered as well.