Nippon Paint Asian Palette 2016-2017-5

Nippon Paint has officially launched the 2016/2017 Automotive Trend Colours for Asia, a colour palette that forecasts the trending automotive hues over the next two years. The colour chart is meant to be used as a reference point for car and motorcycle manufacturers (i.e. Proton and Perodua) as well as for automotive refinishers (i.e. third-party body and paint shops).

Paint may seem like a very boring subject, but it can drastically influence the look of your next car, and designers put a lot of effort into deciding which colour gets to clad the lines that they have penned.

And not many companies know this better than Nippon Paint. After all, it was the company behind Mazda’s striking signature Soul Red – a four-coat metallic finish that uses multi-layer reflection process to bring out the vividness of the crimson hue. It also supplies paints to Proton and Perodua, as well as the local assembly operations for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai and Kia, so it certainly knows what it’s talking about.

“Taking leadership on colour innovations and our focus in the Asia markets, we at Nippon Paint are introducing these colours that is set to drive the trend for the current and coming years,” said assistant general manager of marketing Alex Young (no, not the Malaysian race car driver).

“We understand that cars are not merely modes of transportation but an extension of our personality and an emblem of our achievements in life. Similarly, just like decorative coatings, automotive colours can also be used as a platform for self-expression and this is an important facet for our consumers.”

The 2016/2017 list was created based on the Asia Pacific ChromaZone Colour Forecasting Workshop organised by Nippon Paint in collaboration with the Colour Marketing Group, an organisation that identifies colour and design trends, much like the world famous Pantone. A total of 80 design professionals from across Asia – including those from Proton and Perodua – attended the event to create a truly Asian palette.

Nippon Paint Asian Palette 2016-2017-41

For 2016 and 2017, the palette consists of 39 colours in solid, metallic, crystal and pearl finishes, grouped into Wonder-Lust, New Eco and We Are One themes – these are meant to distil Asian cultures, way of life and trends into a colour palette that is unique to Asia. Want to know the kind of colours that will be offered on future Protons and Peroduas? You’ll probably be able to find some of them here.

Wonder-Lust is said to be an extension of the “passionate and lively persona” of car owners, featuring colours that strike a balance between energy and flamboyance, portraying confidence and sportiness.

Meanwhile, New Eco, as its name implies, is intended to provide a more environmentally-friendly look. The palette for this theme combines dark, earthy autumn tones with blues, greens and whites – which Nippon says results in a more mature and refined range of colours suitable for luxury and hybrid vehicles.

Nippon Paint Nax Crystal 9905 clear coat (left) versus conventional clear coat (right)

Lastly, We Are One is meant to portray the contrast between individuality and connectivity – visualising the rise of technology as a tool to connect people – and features more conservative colours that transcend trends and seasons. As such, it’s said to be the most versatile of the bunch.

“[We believe] that our automotive colour range is more than just colours. It’s the important back-end role of technology in our coatings that deliver front-end superior functionality and mesmerising colours,” said Young.

Aside from the 2016/2017 colour palette, Nippon also took the time to introduce the new Nax Crystal 9905 clear coat with CyGlaz technology. Aimed at the refinishing market, it features a robust molecular structure that is high density and cross-linked, providing a high level of bonding in the paint film that results in improved scratch, chemical and petrol resistance, the ability to self-heal (such as against fine scratches) and a smooth mirror image gloss finish.