Shell V-Power branding campaign-1

Shell Malaysia has launched a new Shell V-Power campaign, one that’s centred around protection. The aim of the campaign is to highlight the importance of using the right fuel to protect a car’s engine against the build-up of gunk and corrosion.

Helping to communicate the brand’s flagship fuel formulations – both V-Power and V-Power Racing – in the campaign is a 60-second commercial, which features state-of-the-art CGI effects, done Hollywood blockbuster style.

The video depicts a car chase scene in which a car protected by Shell V-Power is pursued by shape-shifting creatures representing gunk and corrosion, which meet a timely end when they get to a Shell petrol station.

The message is that V-Power’s unique formulation is designed to protect the engine against the terrible twosome and help keep your motor’s ticker performing like new.

Engine gunk consists of carbonaceous deposits that can form in the fuel delivery system of the engine, while corrosion can occur on metal surfaces in a fuel system where water and oxygen are present; Shell says its V-Power’s formulation can protect against the effects of these.

The V-Power campaign follows on the lubricant programme introduced earlier in the month, in which Shell Helix launched Malaysia’s first-ever engine warranty programme, free with every purchase of a four-litre pack of Shell Helix Ultra or HX7 motor oil. The programme offers a warranty against lubricant-related engine failure for up to 12 years or 200,000 km, whichever comes first.

A quick aside on the fuel-related front. There has been no official shout about it, but the company has been quietly re-emphasising its V-Power Racing formulation, doing so by increasing its brand presence and availability.

The more keen-eyed regular Shell user will have noticed that branding for the fuel is now displayed in more prominent fashion at stations that sell it. Aside from the visual emphasis, VPR is also now available at more locations, notably along the north-south highway.

As it goes along, more locations are set to be introduced for the brand’s premier fuel, which it says has retained consistent sales volumes despite it being an unregulated fuel. The company has also begun giving VPR a subtle but distinguishable identity at the pump, this being done through the use of a new dispenser nozzle design and striking red fuel hose.