2016 Shell Helix SHEW launch -2

Shell Helix today launched Malaysia’s first-ever engine warranty programme that covers engine damage caused by lubricant failure. Allowing for claims of up to RM15,000 for Shell Helix Ultra users and RM8,000 for Shell Helix HX7 users, the warranty covers engines using the afore-mentioned lubricants in vehicles up to 12-years old, or with a mileage of 200,000 km, from the vehicle’s manufacturing date, whichever comes first.

Dubbed SHEW – for Shell Helix Engine Warranty – the programme covers the cost of repair or replacement of 15 engine components that may fail should the Shell lubricants fail to provide proper lubrication and protection. To enter the programme, a vehicle owner has to complete an oil change at any authorised SHEW workshop, and the workshop personnel will complete the registration. Any vehicle, registered in Malaysia, which is a maximum of eight-years old or less, with a mileage of less than 100,000 km, is eligible for SHEW.

2016 Shell Helix SHEW launch -1

Owners who prefer using third-party workshops for their vehicle lube changes can purchase Shell Helix Ultra or Helix HX7 from any Shell petrol station and complete the registration process on their own via the SHEW customer hotline or the self-register online on the Shell Helix website.

The warranty remains in effect for as long as a Shell Helix lubricant is used in the vehicle, and the lube is changed every six months, or according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. SHEW also provides reminders to registered Shell Helix users for oil changes.