Mercedes-Benz Malaysia - Future of the Nation

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) today reinforced its CSR commitment in the country by announcing that it will contribute over RM200,000 for initiatives that support the growth and development of Malaysian society.

The initiatives are guided by four core CSR pillars adopted by MBM – road safety, the arts and culture, investing in knowledge and corporate volunteering. For the first aspect, MBM is continuing its collaboration with Driven Communications ( by contributing an additional 135 child car seats worth RM50,000, through its MobileKids initiative, to the Child Car Seat Rental Programme.

The programme, which was launched together with in 2015, serves to educate families on road safety by providing child car seats for rental on a first-come-first-serve basis. Last year’s programme saw MBM contributing 110 child car seats to the programme. With this move, the company’s total contribution now stands at 245 child car seats.

To ensure that the Malaysian performing arts scene continues to be promoted, MBM will announced an additional sponsorship of RM120,000 to KLPac. MBM holds a strong belief that the arts has the power to build bridges and foster creativity and innovation, and has thus far contributed over RM1.2 million.

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For young ones, where education is a vital component in their upbringing to be future leaders, MBM will also donate 205 units of pre-owned computers to primary schools and non-profit organisations. Both Teach for Malaysia and Monfort Boys Town will each receive 50 computers, while three vernacular primary schools will get 35 computers each.

MBM will also continue its annual celebrations for children during festive seasons, where it encourages its employees to share personally-selected gifts with children who are in need. The programme provides the chance for MBM staff to bring cheer to underprivileged children.

Said staff will also be involved in a beach cleaning programme later this year as part of efforts to ensure the preservation of the environment. Additionally, MBM will also supports its employees who will participate in this year’s Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon, scheduled to take place in August. As a corporate sponsor of the marathon, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia will be donating RM20,000 to Hospis Malaysia.

“CSR is part of our commitment to the Malaysian community. We want to be an enabler for future generations, and contribute to the community in a meaningful way. It is when we help those who are in need that we are truly making a difference in the world. Today marks the launch of a campaign which we hope will enrich the lives of the various groups involved,” said Mercedes-Benz Malaysia president and CEO, Dr Claus Weidner.

Watch the video below for testimonials from parents who participated in last year’s balik kampung child car seat rental campaign.