DAMD Mazda MX-5-09

The Mazda MX-5 is no stranger to going under the tuner’s knife, and this is the latest kitted Miata by Japanese tuner DAMD, short for Dream Automotive Development and Design. Named Dark Knight, the DAMD MX-5 looks suitably sinister and won’t be out of place in Gotham City.

As opposed to the regular lip, DAMD’s MX-5 gets a set of canards that is painted red on the tips, which are very obvious on the front and sides due to the otherwise all-black theme.

There’s a diffuser element at the back, which houses four exhaust tips, two on each side (regular car has twin pipes on one side). A carbon fibre-effect subtle rear spoiler completes the look, which also blackens all emblems for the full Dark Knight effect.

DAMD Mazda MX-5-04

DAMD selected OZ Ultralegeras for its MX-5, wrapped with 215/35 Bridgestone Potenza RE-002 rubber. The 18-inch multi-spokes are two inches larger than the ND’s base rims, and an inch larger than the 2.0L wheels. Sleek and not over the top like most tuner projects end up looking.

It’s more of the same inside, where the tuner merely added accents to the minimalist-style cabin. The steering has been rewrapped and looks chunkier, there’s Alcantara-style material on the large piece of trim facing the passenger and the centre of the seats have been reupholstered with the same suede-like material, with quilt pattern and a central red stripe.

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