LaFerrari Spider scaled 3

By now, it is already known that Ferrari will launch a Spider version of its flagship LaFerrari. Gordon Ramsay confirmed it on the first episode of Top Gear’s return, company CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed it, and we’ve already highlighted the “famous” carbon-fibre box previously. However, what is not known is what the open-top LaFerrari will look like. This 1:43 scale model could possibly be our first look.

Much like how Volvo had its S90 and V90 leaked in advance thanks to scale model producer Norev, this 1:43 LaFerrari Spider you’re looking at here is the creation of Kane & Company. As you can tell, the model does have quite a lot of detail to it, and does indeed look like a faithful recreation of the full-sized supercar.

The LaFerrari Spider differs from the coupe in many areas. For starters, the wing doors are now replaced with more conventional ones. Moving further back, there is now a reshaped glass engine cover that slopes down from the larger buttress just behind the two seats. The design does suggest that a removable hardtop, rather than a mechanical-folding one will be used.

LaFerrari Spider scaled 4

While the USD$430 (RM1,756) model does look like a pretty convincing recreation of the LaFerrari Spider, we’ll still have to wait for the real thing to be unveiled, reportedly during the Ferrari Cavalcade later this month. It is claimed that only 150 units of the LaFerrari Spider will ever be produced, and those that have received their “special” boxes will likely be waiting in anticipation.

So, what do you think of this scale model of the LaFerrari Spider? Is it a better looker when compared to its hardtop sibling? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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