Mercedes-AMG E-Class Estate (BR 213) 2016

Stuttgart has confirmed the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate All Terrain, which will make its debut at the Paris motor show later this year before heading to showrooms in 2017, Autocar reports. The All Terrain is Merc’s answer to the Audi A6 Allroad and is based on the new S213 E-Class Estate that was unveiled yesterday.

Besides unique exterior treatment such as more rugged bumpers, plastic underbody protection and additional cladding for the wheel arches; the All Terrain will feature variable-height air suspension. The latter, a development of Merc’s Air Body Control system, will allow the big wagon to be raised for mild off-roading, and to be lowered at high speeds.

The All Terrain, which will start at around £40,000 in the UK for an entry-level E 200, should have the same range of engines as the E-Class sedan and estate, which mean four-cylinder turbos, and six-cylinder petrol and diesel motors.


“It won’t be as good as an SUV off road, but it will be able to go farther than most owners will expect,” said Michael Kelz, chief engineer of the E-Class.

Mercedes has a large and growing range of SUVs, so why the Estate All Terrain? It is targeted mainly to Europeans in certain markets who want the extra utility of such cars, but without the visual aggression of a full-size SUV or crossover. Mercedes has no plans to sell this A6 Allroad-rival in the US.