proton pick-up theo render

First seen at the Alami Proton event last year, the Proton Pick-Up Concept has been given a revised look by concept rendering maestro, Theophilus Chin. In this exercise, Theo illustrates what a production-ready version of the concept truck might look like, while his “intention is to make it more truck-like in shape and proportion.”

To that end, Theo has adapted the following to the original Proton concept: the windscreen is more upright, with the minor window just behind the A-pillar deleted; a thicker C-pillar, which consequently adds to the truck’s wheelbase; a taller roof for increased occupant headroom; and increased dashboard-to-axle distance.

Theophilus Chin’s rendering (left), and the original concept (right)

There’s also an increased size hood, smaller grille and deeper front bumper, while the swage line from the doors has been extended forwards to the front fender and the headlamps have been changed to something more representative of mass production.

As before, there’s been no word on the Pick-Up Concept’s production feasibility so far. Why make a pick-up truck concept? “It’s very simple. Looking at how successful the Jumbuck (the Arena in Australia) was, there’s no reason for us not to look at segments where we were once profitable,” said Proton’s Head of Design Azlan Othman.

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GALLERY: Proton Pick-Up Concept (the original, unretouched one)