Toyota 86 001

An announcement by Toyota Australia today stated that it will be recalling approximately 15,000 units of the Toyota 86 built between April 2012 and March 2015 for a potential loss of power steering assistance. This recall involves right-hand drive vehicles that are equipped with driver’s knee airbags.

The recall stems from an improper wire harness layout, the company said, which is likely to interfere with the instrumental panel lower cover – this contains the driver’s knee airbag on Australian-specification vehicles. This occurs when the rotation angle sensor of the vehicle’s electric power steering (EPS) wears over time and accumulates debris, oxidising the sensor and rendering it non-conductive.

If the driver’s knee makes contact with the knee airbag lower cover, the EPS wire harness routed behind the cover could move, causing the connector terminal to touch the debris and result in electrical contact failure. This, in turn, warns the EPS control unit of a fault and interrupts steering assistance, which requires considerably greater steering effort from the driver, potentially leading to loss of control.


Toyota Australia expects parts for the recall to arrive late next month, with the repair work estimated to take just over an hour and will be carried out free of charge. The statement adds that there have been 62 reported incidents in Australia, with no accidents or injuries resulting from this condition.

We’ve reached out to UMW Toyota Motor, which confirmed that the recall also affects official Malaysian-spec units sold at authorised Toyota dealers, and the company will contact owners for the procedure.