jpj voc

Contrary to messages circulating via social media channels, vehicle owners are not required to give biometric verification of their identity for the renewal of road tax for their vehicles, according to a statement issued by the Road Transport Department (JPJ). The process for road tax renewal remains as before, where either the vehicle owner or a representative can carry out this procedure, without biometric verification being needed.

“The JPJ would like to advise the public against believing and spreading messages received from unverified sources via social media, without first verifying the information with the JPJ,” the department said in the statement.

Beginning September 1 this year, vehicles which are having their road tax renewed will be issued with a Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) as a replacement for the existing registration card (RC). The replacement of the existing RC with the VOC will also be carried out when vehicles requiring amendments or corrections to their particulars, haven’t been issued with a VOC.

The issuance of the VOC is free of charge for the first time. For vehicles which have already been issued with a VOC, JPJ can issue a new copy of the VOC at the owner’s request if there are any changes to the vehicle records.

The move to the VOC will take place in phases, and from January 1 next year it will be possible for all vehicle owners to obtain a VOC to replace the RC, done on a voluntary basis by going to a JPJ office. By Jan 1, 2020, it’s expected that all registered vehicle owners in the country will have moved from the RC to the VOC.