We’ve previously reported on the Pahang Tourism and Cultural Council’s application to auction the special vehicle registration series VIP 1 to VIP 9999 being approved by the transport ministry.

Now, tenders for the the number plate series – which have generated significant interest, with cosmetics entrepreneur Datuk Seri Hasmiza Othman, better known as Datuk Vida being among those interested in a plate – have officially been opened.

Unlike the “F” and “V” number plates, the auctions of which were handled by the Road Transport Department (JPJ), bidding for the “VIP” plates – which commemorate Visit Pahang Year 2017 – has been entrusted to the organisation itself via a company called Digital Tourism. Bids can be placed at a counter in Anggerik Mall in Shah Alam, open from 9 am to 6 pm, and applications close on September 30.

rr vip plate

Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Aziz Kaprawi told The Sun that the VIP plate series is similar in nature to other such vanity vehicle registration plates such as Patriot, G1M (Gagasan 1Malaysia), 1M4U (1Malaysia For Youth), Perfect and the recent NAAM (New Affirmative Action Movement), with proceeds going to NGOs.

“This is similar to G1M, with sales proceeds from the number plates used to support the Kelab Explorasi 7 Benua Malaysia expeditions to Mount Everest, and 1M4U for the 1Malaysia for Youth movement,” he explained.

So far, the “PATRIOT 1” number plate is the most expensive to be sold in Malaysia, fetching RM1.308 million to an undisclosed bidder. The costliest standard series number plate so far is the recently issued “F1”, which went to Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor for RM836,660, topping the RM748,000 he paid for “W1N.”