driving riding licence categories

A proposal to reduce the cost of obtaining a motorcycle licence, including that for higher capacity motorcycles, is being studied by the Road Transport Department (JPJ), Bernama reports. The department will study the suitability of the proposal and also the costs involved, JPJ director-general Datuk Nadzri Siron said.

To date, more than three million motorcyclists in the country have Class B2 or B motorcycle licences, he said, but added that there were many bikers who did not possess a licence, and that the department has been campaigning to get those without driving licences to apply for it.

“Nearly 1.2 million motorcyclists in the country have no driving licence and 6,000 accidents involving the group with 18 fatalities are recorded daily. Because of that, we have been organising various programmes in collaboration with volunteer entities to educate people on road safety issues,” he told reporters during the launch of the Selangor Bikers Fiesta 2016 and Jom JPJ Carnival, which was held in Shah Alam over the weekend.

The department has long been wanting to know the reasons why people forego driving licenses despite being eligible for them. In August, it was reported that 80% of the 117,000 students who use motorcycles to go to school do not possess a valid licence.