It should come as no surprise that a newer, more powerful vehicle will get a leg up on its predecessor, speed-wise. As we can see in the case of the NP300 Nissan Navara, the 190 hp VL variant outruns the 174 hp D40 Navara LE in the quarter-mile standing start sprint by a whole second – 17.33 seconds to 18.33 seconds.

However, what if the less powerful, 163 hp NP300 Navara V goes up against the same D40 Navara LE in a drag race? A 11 hp deficit is made up for with a newer, seven-speed automatic transmission, and – the telling one – a power-to-weight ratio of 88.2 hp per ton versus the older truck’s 85.9 hp per ton.

Which one wins, and what does the resulting margin look like? Watch the video to find out.