Following its quiet rolling out last month, Petron has just launched its Euro 5 Turbo Diesel fuel today, with the higher grade fuel now available at 14 stations across Peninsular Malaysia. This will grow to 70 stations across the Peninsula by the end of the year, according to Petron.

Petron claims the additives in its Euro 5 Turbo Diesel is “designed to condition the fuel to withstand the extreme heat and high pressure of todays fuel injection systems”, as well as cleaning the injection system and removes existing deposits. The company also claims the fuel can provide “rapid and complete restoration of lost power in three to four hours of testing.”

In line with all Euro 5 diesel fuels in Malaysia, Petron’s Euro 5 Turbo Diesel boasts a lower sulfur content at 10 ppm compared to 500 ppm in standard Euro 2M diesel; it is priced at a 10 sen premium above the standard Euro 2M diesel fuel, which places it at RM2.00 as of November 2016.

The list of 14 Petron stations currently offering Euro 5 Turbo Diesel are:

Klang Valley
1. Petron Subang Indah
2. Petron Jalan Maarof
3. Petron Sg. Jati
4. Petron Damansara Kayu Ara
5. Petron Grand Saga NB
6. Petron Mile 8
7. Petron Seri Kembangan Raya
8. Petron Sg. Rasah
9. Petron Jalan Kapar
10. Petron Bangi Section 10

1. Petron Temenggong Ahmad
2. Petron Buloh Kasap
3. Petron Majidee
4. Petron Pasir Gudang West 2