While some appreciate the elegant look of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, others would prefer if the two-door model has a little more aggression imbued into it. For those people, Prior Design has created a styling kit for the big Merc called the PD75SC Wide-Body, which “sends a clear signal about who the boss of the boulevard and head of the highway is.”

With certain elements made out of a Duraflex-fibreglass mix, the bodykit consists of a front bumper with lip spoiler, hood, fenders, side skirts with side blades, three-piece rear spoiler and rear bumper with a two-piece diffuser.

As a result of the additional exterior bits, the S-Class Coupe is now 20 cm wider at the rear axle and 12 cm at the front compared to the regular car. To get the car’s stance spot on, a suspension kit from H&R is installed as well, reducing the ride height substantially.

Finishing touches include three-piece PD4 forged wheels measuring 22 inches (with 265/30-profile front and 315/25-profile rear tyres), along with a stainless steel, quad-tip exhaust system “for more sound.” No photos of the car’s interior were given, but based on Prior Design’s other works, a wide range of customisation options are available to customers.