The interior of the Volvo XC90 is certainly a very special place to be, and the man behind the SUV’s living space is Anders Bell, who is now the former head of interior engineering at Volvo as he has since moved on to Tesla, according to a report by Electrek.

Bell’s portfolio includes designing the cabins of other vehicles in the 90 Series (S90 and V90), the S60L, as well as the SPA (Scalable Product Platform) cross carline front seat system introduced in the latest Volvo XC90. His new position in the electric vehicle company will likely be the same as it was in Volvo.

This includes being responsible for “functional areas such as instrument panel, centre console, all interior surface materials, air bags, seat belts, cargo restraints, front and rear seat systems, door panels, overhead system, luggage trim, interior light, interior soft and hard trim,” as it says in his LinkedIn profile.

Reviews on Tesla vehicles have largely been positive, although the less than stellar interior quality has been one of the primary complaints. With the company looking to tag on premium nameplates in the EV market, having Bell on the team to improve the company’s vehicles in that aspect is definitely welcomed.

His expertise will be used to not only improve the interiors of existing models like the Model S and Model X, but could also include upcoming cars like the Model 3, which has yet to have its design finalised.