Tesla Model X updated – new base 75D, replaces 70D

Tesla Model X 1

With the new Model 3 and revamped Model S now out of the way, Tesla now turns its attention to its SUV model, the Tesla Model X. The update for the 2017 model year is a small one, with the introduction of a new base 75D that replaces the current 70D at the bottom end of the lineup.

As the name implies, the new variant is fitted with a larger 75 kWh lithium-ion battery, providing the four-wheel drive electric SUV with a range of 381 km, up from 354 km. The twin motors are unchanged, however, so the 75D retains a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 6.0 seconds and a 209 km/h top speed.

The starting price has been bumped up as a result – the Model X 75D is priced at US$84,200 (RM329,000), US$3,000 (RM11,700) higher than the outgoing 70D. As before, the car can be optioned with a litany of features, including larger 22-inch wheels, seven-seat layout and expanded Autopilot Convenience features.

Also available is a Premium Upgrades Package that includes auto-opening front doors, ventilated seats, leather coverings for interior touch points and a HEPA air filtration system with two carbon air filters and a “Bioweapon Defence Mode” – the latter pressurises the cabin for “maximum protection against hazardous external conditions.”

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