Some updates on the Tesla initiative being run by the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia). As previously reported, the first 10 Model S facelift units in the programme became available for leasing from last month, and almost all the cars have already found lessees.

The next shipment will consist of four cars, and these will arrive in Q1 next year. According to GreenTech CEO Ahmad Hadri Haris, the reason for the shipment numbers being small is due to the lack of availability of Model S units – apparently, demand is outstripping supply.

The poor performance of the Ringgit to the US dollar is also tempering things to a degree, but Ahmad Hadri told us that despite the dramatic change in forex rates (since costing was initially carried out for the programme), there are no plans to revise the leasing rates for the car.

There is however a variant switch expected in following shipments. Currently, the rear-wheel drive Model S 70 and all-wheel drive S 90D make for the primary models being offered. No change with the 90D, but the discontinuation of the S 70 from the Tesla line-up means that it’ll be replaced here by the S 75 in the future. GreenTech says it is mulling the idea of bringing in the base-level S 60, but hasn’t yet decided if it’ll do so.

The Teslas are part of a special quota of duty-exempt Teslas being brought in via a special programme. Back in February, prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that the government had approved the duty-free importation of 100 Tesla Model S vehicles, as part of its efforts to promote green technology and electric vehicles.

To recap, the cars – which are available to GLCs as well as private limited companies (PLC) and multi-national companies (MNC) subscribing to the green agenda – are available via two leasing options, the first being a lease-only path, with a leasing period from two to four years. The other is via a lease-to-own route.

The cars are supplied for lease via PRAC GreenTech (PRAC GT), a joint venture between GreenTech Catalyst (GTC), a subsidiary of GreenTech Malaysia, Insas Pacific Rent-A-Car (PRAC) and its subsidiary PRAC Logistics.

Read our previous report for full details on the leasing scheme for the EV as well as our first drive report for more on the Model S.