Recently revealed to be a one-time ‘Ring record holder for four-door cars, Volvo’s Polestar performance division is set to get a helping hand in chassis development from British sports car maker Lotus. The Swedish automaker will be the latest entry to a long list of set-up and consultation work Lotus has provided for other manufacturers, according to a report by Australian website Drive.

Volvo’s parent company Geely’s majority stake acquisition in Lotus comes at the same time as the former’s acquisition of a 49.9% equity stake in Proton, and the Lotus-Polestar link is intended to influence work on a wide range of products, from affordable hatchbacks to executive sedans and high-performance models, in the vein of the Mercedes-AMG approach.

“I don’t see any problem using their knowledge.i think it is pretty applicable all over the board,” said Volvo vehicle dynamics engineer Roger Wallgren, adding that Lotus expertise “would be appreciated” in that area. “Lotus Engineering is pretty big,” Wallgren noted, also saying that parent company Geely has “a lot of ambition” for future models, including more investment into the Polestar brand.

However, Volvo has not laid out firm plans for the use of Lotus engineers, although Wallgren said the Norfolk-based manufacturer is well-respected in the automotive community. Having said that, “Polestar is a brand that’s going to be used – we are not going to let it sit there and do nothing. Sooner or later you will probably see something,” Wallgren said.

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