Authorities in China have granted a licence to BMW, which allows the Bavarian carmaker to export vehicles built by its local joint venture BMW Brilliance. This opens up the possibility for China-made BMWs to make their way to customers in other markets such as Europe and the United States, as reported by Automotive News.

“We have an export licence for the joint venture but so far we haven’t decided on exports since we need the production for the local market,” said Olaf Kastner, head of BMW in China. Quality concerns have been associated with cars from China, but BMW now believes the quality of its cars made in China has reached the level of those built in Germany or the US.

Last year, BMW built over 300,000 vehicles at its two Chinese facilities located in Dadong and Tiexi, where it makes models such as the 1 Series Sedan, 2 Series Active Tourer, 3 Series, 5 Series and X1 (the X3 will be added in the future). The former certainly appears to be most sensible model to be exported, but Kastner has stated that BMW no plans to do so since “everything is still being absorbed” locally.

Another carmaker that is also a recipient of the export licence is Volvo, which is the first to export China-built cars to Europe and the US with models like the S60L and more recently, the S90. The Swedish marque is firmly rooted in China, with plans to build its first fully electric car in the country, which will be exported globally.