The slightly clunky name is rather self-explanatory: Apple’s latest feature for its iOS 11 mobile operating system intends to minimise distractions while its user is behind the wheel. As expected, the feature displays a blank screen and keeps notifications from distracting the driver if it detects that the device is in a moving vehicle, by using Bluetooth or a WiFi doppler effect to determine movement.

After the feature has been used once, it will prompt its user to launch DNDWD when it detects that it is in a moving vehicle. The user can override this prompt by saying he or she is a passenger. Of course, this means that a compromise between safety and user-friendliness has to be made.

The DNDWD feature helps out with auto-replies to incoming texts when it is enabled, and it also offers the option of white-listing selected contacts who will then have the option of adding ‘urgent’ in text, to display their message regardless.

For others outside of the iOS realm, or indeed anyone who needs or wants a more enveloping blanket over electronic distractions, there’s the Faraday cage concept by Nissan, which completely blocks incoming and outgoing cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth transmissions of any device placed within the shielding.