Audi is continuing its teaser/promotional campaign for the 2018 A8 with several new videos, highlighting some of the functions that will be part of the sedan’s autonomous driving system dubbed Audi AI. The system will reportedly offer Level 3 autonomy, which will enable the car to take full control of driving duties.

The first video focuses on the car’s traffic jam pilot system, which is exactly as it sounds, allowing the A8 to drive itself while in traffic, following the vehicle ahead. Other carmakers have similar systems as well (like the new S-Class), but it remains to be seen up what extent the system in the A8 can perform until.

Audi’s tie-in with Spider-Man: Homecoming means the new A8 will be featured in the upcoming Marvel film as well. In a second video, we get to see Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland) take his “driver’s test” in a “prototype vehicle” loaned to him by a guy named Tony (whoever that is).

Throughout the video, we get to see Spider-Man demonstrate other functions of Audi AI (self-driving on a highway and self-parking) as well putting Audi PreSense into action. We also get to see the A8’s virtual cockpit instrument display and glimpses of the exterior styling, with the latter being heavily influenced by the prologue concept.

The 2018 D5 Audi A8 will make its global debut at the Audi Summit on July 11 in Barcelona, but will make an earlier appearance in the new Spidey movie.