Jaguar has officially announced the arrival of its new compact SUV, the E-Pace, which is set to make its global debut on July 13. The smaller sibling to the F-Pace will look to compete against the likes of the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 when it is introduced.

Said to be built on the LR-MS platform that is also used in the Discovery Sport, the E-Pace will be offered with a range of Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) Ingenium petrol and diesel engines only. The British carmaker also stated the E-Pace will feature all-wheel drive technology derived from its high-performance cars as well.

Aside from that, we are provided a teaser image of the vehicle’s rear, where the taillight appears to be much more angular in appearance compared to what we see on the F-Pace. Also visible here are the modern-looking graphics within the taillight, muscular haunches and the E-Pace badge.

Another image shows us where the E-Pace will fit in the Jaguar SUV line-up, which is at the very bottom below the upcoming I-Pace and current F-Pace. Based on the profile shown here, the E-Pace’s styling appears to be a mashup of the F-Type (front) and F-Pace (rear).

“The combination of sports car looks with Jaguar performance will ensure that the E-Pace stands out. Every Jaguar is designed to excite the senses, and we think E-Pace will do just that, albeit with its own individual character,“ said Ian Callum, director of design at Jaguar.

The E-Pace will be another integral member of the Jaguar family, where SUV sales of the F-Pace have helped boost the marque’s sales by 83% last year.

GALLERY: Jaguar E-Pace spyshots