Carmakers around the world seem to think that car-sharing is the future of personal mobility, and Jaguar has joined the fray with its Future-Type concept – an on-demand, fully-autonomous compact vehicle that Coventry says is its vision for the year 2040 and beyond.

In Jaguar’s future of autonomous, connected, electric and shared mobility (ACES), you don’t actually own the car, but a steering wheel. Called Sayer (after Malcolm Sayer, the designer of the iconic E-type), it’s a voice-activated Artificial Intelligence (AI) device that can perform hundreds of tasks – in addition to summoning a car, it can also play music, book you a table and even knows what’s in your fridge.

Jaguar says Sayer will keep track of your schedule, working out when you’ll wake up, bring a fully-charged Future-Type directly to your doorstep and even advise on which parts of the journey you’ll enjoy taking the wheel yourself. It will also have “orbits” for your home, work, friends and family to allow you to keep track of what’s happening and stay connected.

The Future-Type itself is a narrow pod-like electric vehicle that most carmakers seem to be gravitating to, with a semi-tandem 2+1 seating that can be reconfigured to suit the occasion – such as talking face-to-face while the vehicle drives itself to your destination.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication enables shorter distances between vehicles and makes for more efficient lane changes and junction exits; this increases road capacity (helped by the narrow body) and prevents accidents. But if a nice bit of winding road presents itself, you can always take over, and the the autonomous technology will support you to make driving a safer experience.