This is the California start-up’s beefiest of beefcakes yet – the Rezvani Tank ‘extreme utility vehicle’, an (optionally) armour-plated, night vision-equipped, 500 hp 6.4 litre V8-engined truck with prices starting from US$178,000 (RM752,271).

It’s the company’s first off-roader, which follows a brief line of sports cars, beginning with the Beast Speedster, through the Beast X (also available with X Performance Pack), and the Beast Alpha. With on-demand four-wheel-drive and a choice of two off-road packages available, the Tank promises to be able to go where no other Rezvani has been able to before.

If there’s a zombie apolcalypse kind of theme with its looks, the Tank carries it on with the equipment list, which includes optional ballistic protection, along with thermal/night vision and high-intensity roof-integrated LED light bar. Creature comforts haven’t been forgotten, with a head-up display for the driver, and purpose-built seats for its occupants. Access to the rear half of the cabin is via powered coach doors.

Under the macho exterior, the Tank is of a body-on-frame construction, and the aforementioned 6.4 litre V8 mill sports valvetrain covers with ‘Powered by SRT’ written on them – a Dodge Hemi unit it is, it seems. helping the 4WD driveline put power to adverse surfaces is the GRIB wheel package, comprising a set of off-road terrain tyres, mounted on optional T6061 forged aluminium wheels.

Details are still scarce, though for those with the means, this could be an alternative to the likes of the Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4², which appears at least just as formidable in the rough and tough stuff.