As Gran Turismo Sport nears launch, it’s easy to forget that the flagship driving simulator for the PlayStation 4 is the culmination of a 20-year effort to bring players a true-to-life racing experience. Sony has paid tribute with a video exploring the story behind the revered franchise.

The six-minute video features series creator and CEO of Polyphony Digital Kazunori Yamauchi, as he recounts the intense development process of the original game, which debuted on the first PlayStation in 1997. He also showed appreciation to the 200-odd staff at the company, as well as the fans who have supported the franchise for the past two decades.

Joining him is president of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida, who co-produced Gran Turismo alongside Yamauchi, as well as Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio’s vice president of external development Masami Yamamoto, who shares his reaction to the first game.

Gran Turismo was a technical tour de force when it launched, bringing a high level of realism and an in-depth racing career mode to Sony’s gaming platform. Following in its footsteps, Gran Turismo 2 bumped the vehicle count up to over 600 cars, while Gran Turismo 3: A-spec harnessed the sheer power of the PlayStation 2, introducing environment mapping for reflections on the vehicle body.

Going on sale in 2004, Gran Turismo 4 was the first in the series to feature the AI-driven B-spec mode and Photo Mode, which Gran Turismo 5 built upon with uprated graphics on the PlayStation 3 platform, a roster of over 1,000 cars and dynamic weather and time of day. The latest release, Gran Turismo 6, added the Vision Gran Turismo series of concept cars, as well as a revamped physics engine.

The upcoming Gran Turismo Sport goes on store shelves tomorrow, and will mark the series’ first entry into the eSports realm, with an FIA-certified virtual racing licence and sanctioned online championships. There will also be 4K resolution, high dynamic range (HDR) and virtual reality support, as well as a livery editor. You will also be coached by none other than three-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton.