Now here’s a treat for Jaguar enthusiasts. The British company’s design boss, Ian Callum, was frustrated (his own words) when the XK was discontinued in 2014 following the launch of the new F-Type. “I had quite different ideas on how to carry four people quickly around the world,” he told Autocar.

If Callum had his way, the XK may very likely make its return as a grand tourer, perhaps with a larger footprint. The F-Type on the other hand is more like a luxury sports car than a true grand tourer. “I want a two-seater and a 2+2. We’re working on something now. There’s nothing approved, but we instigate in design. That’s what we do,” said Callum.

It won’t be easy though, because at the end of the day it’s down to convincing the board that there is an actual market for a true GT car to be sold alongside a sporty coupe. Apparently, Jaguar had already designed a successor to the XK but was scrapped in favour of the F-Type. “The F-Type was never meant to kill the XK,” added Callum.

As it stands, the XK, or whatever the Jaguar design team is calling it, remains as an unofficial project, especially for Ian Callum.

Back at home, Jaguar Malaysia last introduced the XK in XKR-S guise, which had a 5.0-litre supercharged AJ-V8 Gen III, producing 550 hp and 680 Nm of torque, allowing it a 0-96 km/h (60 mph) time of 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 300 km/h. Back in 2014, it was priced at a heady RM1,348,888.

Any thoughts on the matter, folks?