Hyundai Mobis, an affiliate company of the Hyundai Motor Group, has developed the world’s first panoramic sunroof airbag system. According to the company, road test and reliability tests of the system were completed this month, including heat resistance and vibration resistance tests, and it has secured mass production technology.

The system reduces injuries by preventing the body of the passenger from being thrown out of the car through the sunroof in the event of rollover accident. In a road test using crash dummies, the sunroof prevented the passenger from being flung out of the car and cushioned the impact on the head.

Capable of deploying in 0.08 seconds, the airbag deploys forward from the rear similar to curtain airbags. If the turning angle of the vehicle is changed due to a rollover, the sensor detects it, and the inflator deploys the airbag.

The company also explained the structure of the sunroof airbag is more complex than that of ordinary airbags, requiring extensive research to ensure there is enough space of stable and safe airbag deployment.

“We announced this technology at a global automotive safety conference held in the US in June, and attracted the attention of major institutions related to road safety and industry officials in the US. We will focus on premium SUV models and become a global leader in advanced airbags,” said a Hyundai Mobis official.