The third-generation Perodua Myvi is well on track to be another hot seller for the company, going by the rate of bookings it has notched up to date. Two days after the order books opened on November 9, Perodua announced that the figure was firmly at 1,500 units. As of noon today, bookings for the B-segment hatchback surged to 5,000 units.

From that figure, 78% of early bird customers opted for the 1.5 litre variants, with the most popular colour being the Granite Grey (new and exclusive to the 1.5L only). The remaining 22% accounts for the 1.3 litre models in totality.

Despite the strong public interest, Perodua is not revising its initial sales target of 6,000 units a month. This is not to be confused with the figure above, and the 5,000 bookings may not necessarily be converted into actual sales. According to the company, the average bank loan approval rate is currently at 47%. A few years back, it was at 70%, specifically for Perodua.

With the launch of the new Myvi, Perodua president and CEO, Datuk Dr Aminar Rashid Salleh pleads for more flexibility and leniency with bank loan applications. “We still want to work with the banks, and we are hoping that more banks will come and work together, now that the all-new Myvi is launched,” said Aminar.

Pricing for the Myvi starts from RM44,300 for the 1.3 Standard G manual, and RM46,300 for the automatic. Above that is the 1.3 Premium X at RM48,300, followed by 1.5 High at RM51,800 and the range-topping 1.5 Advance at RM55,300. All prices are on-the-road without insurance, inclusive of a five-year/150,000 km warranty.

To know all about the new Myvi, you may refer to our spec-by-spec comparison or read our initial impressions of the car. Alternatively, you can also visit for a full specs and equipment breakdown of your desired variant.

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