BMW has released a mysterious first teaser image of a concept car that it will be bringing to the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, which is just around the corner. There’s no accompanying info, but the pic above shows a big and rather sleek four-door car. Is Munich preparing an Aston Martin Rapide type of saloon to appeal to the Porsche Panamera crowd? The 5 and 7 Series are formal limousines.

The coupe silhouette is authentic, and the rendering shows a long hood, raked windscreen and a gentle dome of a greenhouse that ends with an upturn, like the 8 Series Concept’s integrated rear spoiler but significantly more prominent.

In fact, it looks pretty much like how you’d expect a saloon version of the 8 Series Concept, which is set for production this year. Are we looking at an “8 Series Gran Coupe”? By the way, Mercedes-AMG is also preparing a similar type of four-door car that will debut in Geneva. That “GT4” could be a more sporting alternative to the CLS, Merc’s pioneering luxury four-door coupe.

Speaking of the 8 Series Concept, the big coupe is currently in Kuala Lumpur and is the showpiece of the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion that runs until March 7.

GALLERY: BMW Concept 8 Series in Malaysia