The Brabham name has been revived in the form of Brabham Automotive, bringing back a marque which made its foremost impression in the world of racing from its inception in the 1960s. The notable ‘BT’ prefix on all Brabham vehicles thus far arose from the initials of the company’s founders, Jack Brabham and Ron Tauranac.

The naming convention continues with its latest project, the BT62 which is slated for unveiling on May 2 this year, which the company has teased with a release of an audio recording from that car’s engine apparently running at idle. To these ears, the powerplant emits a slightly uneven, throaty idle, which could point to a multi-cylinder, track-focused model.

Brabham Automotive was launched by the son of the late Sir Jack Brabham and managing director of the company, David Brabham, who says that the new car will be the first Brabham in 26 years to wear the BT designation. The Brabham BT52 took Nelson Piquet to his second Formula 1 title in 1983, which was also the first Championship win for a turbocharged car.

Brabham’s return to the automotive limelight could somewhat mirror that of McLaren’s, which could see a return to racing after the launch of its car brand. A Brabham spokesperson refrained from commenting on the idea of a return to racing according to Autocar, instead stating that the firm has been “continually approached on various projects” and more about its future projects will be revealed.