The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has released sales figures for the month of February 2018, and it shows that the industry is still suffering from a less-than-stellar start to the year, with a sales slump continuing into its third straight month.

Just 40,578 vehicles were registered last month, compared to the 44,575 units that found homes in January, a drop of 9% or 3,997 units. February has traditionally been a weak month for vehicle sales in general, due to Chinese New Year offers and promotions usually coming to an end around this time of the year. A shorter working month as a result of the CNY holidays were also blamed for the sluggish sales.

Compared to the same month the year before, last month’s sales were down 4% or 1,877 units, although February 2017 was a strong month with significantly more vehicles sold compared to 2016. It comes as no surprise, then, that the year-to-date figure is down 1,969 units or 2.3% compared to the same period in 2017, but of course, it’s still way too early in the year to make predictions about the coming months.

The association expects March to deliver more sales, due to the longer working month as well as the car companies’ usual rush to deliver more vehicles to close off the financial year ending March 31.