It appears that Mitsubishi is seriously considering making a small supermini within the next five years, a move that could see the revival of the iconic Colt moniker. According to Autocar, the company’s European sales and marketing boss Guillaume Cartier said the brand “is working on” such a car, but a decision is not yet finalised.

“It’s a question of what is needed,” adding that a model must sell at least 100,000 units globally for the project to be justified. The basis for this consideration comes from Mitsubishi’s recent alliance with Renault-Nissan, said Cartier.

Like any giant automotive conglomerates, the sharing of technologies and platforms help save manufacturers a lot of money. Now that Mitsubishi is part of the world’s largest auto group, it will have access to a more diverse range of architecture, such as the CMF-B platform. In other words, there would be many economics of scale to justify the model.

The new fifth-generation Clio is set to debut later this year, and it will ride on an improved modular CMF-B platform. If all goes well, Mitsubishi’s new supermini will also be built on the same platform, which also means it could potentially be fitted with Renault’s 0.9 litre or 1.3 litre turbo engines.

When talking about potential names for the car, Cartier told the British publication that there were three iconic names for Mitsubishi – Pajero, Lancer and Colt, and added that the Colt would definitely be a consideration for this car. “When we have this association [of an iconic name], we must make sure the car’s personality suits it,” said Cartier.

Speaking at the Geneva motor show, Cartier confirmed that there would be no all-new models from Mitsubishi before 2020. Instead, the company believes its existing line-up of the ASX, Eclipse Cross, Outlander, Pajero and Triton pick-up truck offer a good breadth of options for car buyers.

Now, besides the Colt, Mitsubishi also hinted that the Lancer could be replaced in the future. The next-generation Nissan NP300 Navara and Mitsubishi Triton, due around 2021, could also be jointly-developed. Will this make Mitsubishi great again? What do you think?