Following its last sighting at the Nurburgring, the Audi SQ2 has been spotted again, this time undergoing cold-weather tests. The choice of wheels and tyres seen here are meant for the snowy climes the test vehicle was photographed with; the eventual product will be launched with a setup rather more resembling those on its circuit outing.

Under the skin, the SQ2 is expected to use the 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol four which serves in the S3, and could well employ the same outputs in the region of 300 hp and 380 Nm of torque as in the hatchback. Naturally for a high-performance Volkswagen Group model, the SQ2 will be all-wheel drive, and the transmission used is likely to mirror that in the S3.

As seen previously, the SQ2 will sport S-model exterior cues such as contrasting mirror covers, quad exhaust tips, rear diffuser and larger wheels and tyres. Mechanically, it will be upgraded with larger brakes, lower and uprated suspension as well as revised steering to keep up with the stronger powertrain.

If it appears as though the SQ2 leaves room for even more performance than is currently tapped, it probably is true; prior reports from Autocar suggest that there could be an RS Q2 range-topper further along the compact SUV’s lifecycle. This model, should it come to fruition, could use the RS3’s 362 hp turbocharged five-cylinder petrol engine, though it may be employed in the taller vehicle with a different state of tune.