What you see above is allegedly the all-new 2019 Lexus ES, which is set to debut this year. If so, the Lexus midsize exec is set to have styling inspired by the bold new Lexus LS flagship limo.

Compared to today’s facelifted XV60 ES that debut in 2015, the image above shows a more protruding and sculptured face. The full-height spindle grille extends further outwards, and comes with vertical slats that open up at the bottom, as opposed to horizontal slats. Note the two “horns” of the grille – those weren’t there before and they guide your eyes to an additional crease on the bonnet.

The headlamp units have a sharper tail than before, and the integrated LED daytime running light tick has its own independent tail on the side. The DRLs are now of the more modern light bar variety.

From L-R: Front ends of the new Lexus LS and the current/outgoing Lexus ES

Compared to the new LS’ face, the spindle grille’s internal design here isn’t as ornate, while the headlamps – standard projectors and not full LEDs – don’t form a full ‘Z’ as on the LS, thanks to LED DRLs that are more integrated than independent. The above-mentioned “horns” of the grille are also unique to the alleged ES. Inspired but not identical, then.

Word is that the 2019 Lexus ES will ride on the same TNGA platform as the still-fresh Toyota Camry and the full-sized new Toyota Avalon. This should give the ES a boost in space. There’s a new V6 engine in the US-market Camry, and that might find its way to the ES. This being a Lexus, there’s bound to be a hybrid option as well.

Compared to many mid-size execs, the Lexus ES has always focused more on comfort and luxury over dynamics and “sportiness”, which is rather refreshing. Will that unique positioning continue? We’ll see.

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