Dubai’s ongoing efforts to spearhead new transport initiatives will see the country adopt an entirely new license plate technology. In a trial beginning next month, several vehicles in Dubai will get a digital license plate that comes in the form of a smart plate with digital screens, GPS and transmitters. According to the BBC, the plates would be able to inform emergency services if a driver gets into an accident.

The plates will make life easier for drivers in Dubai, according to Head of Vehicle Licensing Department of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Sultan Abdullah al-Marzouqi. Besides being able to contact the police and ambulance services after an accident, the new plate allows real-time communication with other drivers about traffic conditions or any accidents ahead.

The number plates can also change to display an alert if the vehicle or digital plate is stolen – it will literally spell out the word stolen on the number plates in such situations. Also, payment for traffic fines, parking fees or renewing registration plates will be automatically deducted from users’ accounts. The number plates can be changed using the RTA’s app or website.

Currently, ongoing tests are being conducted to sort out any potential technological glitches caused by Dubai’s desert climate. It’s not clear how much the plates will cost for now, but Sultan Abdullah said the final cost of the project will only be known after the trial ends in November. However, given that the technology allows the RTA to track drivers, several issues surrounding privacy and information security have been raised.

Dubai aims to be an international technology hub and has big plans to expand the use of technology in transport. It hopes for self-driving vehicles to account for a quarter of journeys by 2030. Several high-speed Hyperloop pods are also in the pipeline, one that’s capable of transporting passengers to the UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi in just 12 minutes, over a distance of 120 km. The Hyperloop pods will open by 2020.