It is already know that Tesla will add another model to its line-up with the Model Y, an electric compact SUV based on the Model 3. According to a report by Reuters, Elon Musk’s company is looking to start production of the Model Y in the United States in November 2019, followed by China two years later.

Following this timeline, we could only witness the launch of the Model Y for the 2020 model year. For now, information about the new model relating to its specifications, features and design aren’t out yet. The Model 3 is the only reference point available we have for now, and we could see a similar powertrain layout being used for the compact SUV.

In the U.S., the Model 3 is available as Standard Range (350 km) or Long Range (500 km) models, both featuring an electric motor for the rear axle – a dual-motor all-wheel drive version will come later in 2018.

The report also points out that Tesla is accepting preliminary bids for supplier contracts on the Model Y, although details about the programme sent to suppliers are limited with no proper production time frame. The only certainty is the vehicle would be built at Tesla’s plant in Fremont, California.

The Model Y will be yet another model in Tesla’s pipeline, with others being the new Roadster and Semi truck as well as a pick-up truck. Ambitious as it may be, the company is currently experiencing production struggles with the Model 3, where its output figures aren’t as high as initially expected.

This, along with a heavy spending free to fund various endeavours, has placed extra pressure on Tesla to deliver on its promises. Company CEO Musk has even gone to the extent of only being paid if he reaches a series of milestones based on the company’s market value and operations.