We’ve seen plenty of the next-generation BMW Z4 in the past, but this latest sighting gives us our most comprehensive look at the upcoming two-door convertible. The new Z4 was first previewed by a similarly-named concept in August last year, and was co-developed with Toyota as part of a technical partnership.

We finally get to see the Z4 with its soft top folded down, allowing us to see the vehicle’s shape without a roof. Also visible are the two rollover hoops that are painted silver with a clear wind deflector between them.

The mule is also wearing a lot less camouflage than before, with the design of the front bumper, grille and inlets being relatively visible. Meanwhile, the headlamps appear to remain true to that of the concept, although it looks like part of it is still covered up to hide the second angular element within it.

Around the back, the taillights are again pretty similar to those on the concept, featuring an almost L-shaped design. Further down, the outlets at the corners of the rear bumper are familiar too although the exhaust pipes look a bit more reserved.

However, the biggest takeaway from these spyshots is a good look at the interior of the Z4. Once again, it is not dissimilar to what was shown in the preview car, specifically the layout.

Two screens dominate the main dashboard, with one located in the instrument cluster and the other right smack in the middle above the air-con vents. The latter will most likely be part of the next-gen iDrive infotainment system that runs on the brand’s new Operating System 7.0.

As for the screen in front of the driver, it follows the same style previewed by the Concept 8 Series, Concept X7 and of course, the Z4 Concept. BMW has already highlighted some of functions the digital display instrument cluster will offer, which includes configurable displays.

Elsewhere, you’ll see switchgear for the climate control system along with controls for the media and quick access functions. The centre console is a mirror copy of the concept’s with an almost unchanged placement for the gear lever, drive mode controls and iDrive interface.

The Z4 is rumoured to be constructed by Magna Steyr alongside the Supra, and an unveiling is said to take place in Paris later this year. Like what you see so far?