The Mitsubishi Triton (known as the L200 in the United Kingdom) is no stranger to limited-run special editions, having spawned the Barbarian SVP and SVP II last year and earlier this year, respectively. Now, another one has surfaced, and the latest is a one-off which will play a starring role in the Fast & Furious Live arena tour this year.

Here, the special employs a modified version of the 2.4 litre turbodiesel from the standard model. Performance specifications were not released, though outputs should be considerably greater than the standard 181 PS and 430 Nm through changes, which include a new Garrett turbocharger, a custom-built manifold, a larger intercooler, high-performance air filter, optimised ECU and a 3D-printed air intake.

The double-cab pick-up has also been outfitted with an external roll cage which surrounds the front bumper, front fenders, A-pillars and other customised bodywork. The latter is also to enable as much travel as possible for the Triton’s rebuilt suspension.

A side-exit exhaust adds to the hot-rod look, while rear wheels measuring 15 inches wide add to its considerable presence. Inside, front occupants get the benefit of one-piece bucket seats with four-point racing harnesses, though the cabin is relatively unchanged otherwise.

This one-off Triton is one of three Mitsubishis that will appear in the Fast & Furious Live arena tour, including a version of the Tokyo Drift Lancer Evolution, which will be involved in an interactive, audience participation segment of the show.

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