Honda has announced that its Australian model line-up will feature the Honda Sensing safety suite as standard equipment across all next-generation models. Presently, the intelligent suite of safety and driver-assist technologies is available on about a fifth of its present model range in the country.

The suite groups six items under its umbrella, these being lane departure warning (LDW), lane keeping assist system (LKAS), road departure mitigation (RDM), collision mitigation braking system (CMBS), forward collision warning (FCW) and adaptive cruise control (ACC), the last working together with a low-speed follow (LSF) function.

It’s currently available in Australia on six models, the Accord VTi-L and V6L, Civic VTi-LX sedan and hatch, CR-V VTi-LX and Odyssey VTi-L. Honda Australia says that it plans to stagger the rollout of Sensing and educate customers on the benefits of the safety technology.

The company said that a survey it commissioned involving 1,200 new car buyers intending to purchase in the next two years showed that there is a significant opportunity to educate the market on the importance and benefit of crash prevention technology. It said that while customers understood the workings and importance of airbags, anti-lock brakes and safe body structures, their knowledge of many of the newer safety technologies available was quite low.

Items such as LKA/LDW and accident avoidance/collision detection functions were only top-of-mind with a small proportion (around 10% or so) of the surveyed new car intenders. However, the company added that once educated on each technology, the market appeal for the advanced safety features increased significantly.

Closer to home, Honda Sensing is available as standard on three models in the Malaysian line-up – the CR-V 1.5L TC Premium, the facelifted Odyssey 2.4L EXV and Accord 2.4 VTi-L Advance. Do you think the system should be available across all models in the local range, and would you pay extra for it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.