The Volkswagen Golf is undoubtedly one of Wolfsburg’s many pride and joys, and as far as performance-oriented hatches go, it hardly gets better than the Golf GTI and R. Now in its Mk7.5 facelift guise, there are a few visual and mechanical changes that come with them, but which is more worth your money?

The Golf GTI is a car many consider to be the ideal all-in-one; it’s immensely quick, nimble and practical at the same time. It’s now on sale for RM225,888 with zero-rated GST. For the more avid enthusiast, the Golf R is RM53,000 dearer at RM278,888 (also without GST). With 60 PS and 30 Nm more over the GTI, just how can the price difference be justified?

Well, all will be answered soon. Find out what we think of the Golf GTI and R Mk7.5 facelift in the video above, and let us know what you think of our verdict. Also, we’re thinking of pitting the Golf R against some other high-profile hatches, like the FK8 Civic Type R for example. Fancy some octane-filled Driven episode, anyone? ;)

GALLERY: 2018 Volkswagen Golf R Mk7.5

GALLERY: 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7.5

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