The Mercedes-Benz EQC has been spotted several times before, and the company has been testing prototype mules for well over a year now. If you’re wondering why it’s taking such a long time, that’s because the EQC is not quite an all-electric version of the existing GLC, but rather an all-new SUV to be born under the tristar’s EQ sub-brand.

However, just like before, this test mule still gives very little in the way of styling, and it’s still as heavily camouflaged as when it was first spotted making rounds in public early last year, albeit a little more flashy this time. The headlights still feature the same strip LED DRLs that double as turn indicators, however the headlights appear to be of a generic type for the sole purpose of illumination. We could be wrong, though.

As for the front grille, well, expect the pure-electric SUV to wear a different face for the EQ family, which will help visually separate it from its combustion-engined counterparts. The rear however, features slim LED tail lights and a very rounded hump. It being an EV, there’s no exhaust pipes at all, and expect a full flat underbody tray to improve aerodynamics.

Mechanically, the first Mercedes-Benz EQ model will be underpinned by a new, modular electric platform called EVA (electric vehicle architecture). It’s a new platform derived from the Modular Rear Architecture that underpins models like the W205 C-Class, and allows modular battery packs be installed under the floor and between the front and rear axles.

Apparently, the EQC may be able to accommodate a battery pack of up to 110 kWh, which supplies juice to a 300 kW rear-mounted electric motor and a 90 kW or 150 kW electric motor up front. On the Generation EQ concept, a 70 kWh battery was featured, allowing for a range of up to 500 km. With two on-board e-motors, the concept boasted a total system output of 402 hp (300 kW) and 700 Nm of torque.

Word is the entire EQ range will get adaptive suspension, regenerative braking and e-torque vectoring as standard. Wireless charging is also expected to be featured here. The EQ range will soon be populated by other models which include an EQ A compact hatchback, EQE, EQG and EQS, if these trademark applications are to be believed. Fancy yourself a pure-electric Mercedes-Benz, anybody?

GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ Concept