A total of 235 fatalities were recorded during the recent Ops Selamat 13, carried out over the Raya festive period, according to a report by The Sun. The good news is that the death toll has been reduced by 22 or 8.6% compared to the 257 deaths recorded in same period last year during Ops Selamat 11.

The bad news? As many as 22,411 accidents were recorded overall, nine cases up on the 22,402 totted up in 2017. Inspector general of police Tan Sri Fuzi Harun said that 142 of the fatalities were caused by a loss of vehicle control due to careless or reckless driving.

“Many of the fatalities was due to loss of control of the vehicles. With a total of 142 cases due to reckless and negligent driving such as entering the opposite lane and carelessness when switching lanes,” he said. “In addition, statistics gathered also recorded motorcyclists deaths at 148 cases, cars at 74 deaths, pedestrians at 12 deaths, lorries at four deaths, vans at one death, busses at one death and others with seven deaths.”

Fuzi added that 343,863 summonses were issued for various offences during the operation, which took place across the country from June 8 to 22, while 48 people tested positive for drugs. In total, 37,973 people were reported going outstation, a decrease of 2,184 compared to last year.