Car prices are anticipated to increase with the reintroduction of the sales and service tax (SST) on September 1, but one distributor says it will absorb the sales tax for vehicles booked before September 1 but delivered after that date, The Star reports.

Official Mazda distributor Bermaz Auto said that it will honour all bookings made for Mazda vehicles before SST kicks in by absorbing the tax and not passing it on to customers. The company said that models like the CX-9 now had a waiting list stretching up to December.

“It will not be fair to our customers if we were to pass on the tax to them, as they had made their bookings before the SST is introduced,” an unnamed Bermaz official told the publication. He added that the move to absorb the sales tax was also part of how the company builds brand loyalty.

Presently, savings for Mazda models as a result of zero-rated GST range from RM4,221 for the Mazda 2 mid spec, all the way up to RM16,784.29 for the CX-9 AWD.