Mercedes-Benz has teased a forthcoming new AMG hatchback, and it appears to be the A 35 that is set to slot in just below the Mercedes-AMG A 45. The Mercedes-AMG A 35 is tipped to make its debut at the Paris Motor Show in October; it aims to lower the entry point to the AMG range, and it will be followed by the next-generation Mercedes-AMG A 45 when the new four-cylinder range-topper is launched in 2019.

Here, the teaser image offers a glimpse of what the W177 A 35 will look like in final form, with round twin exhaust outlets instead of rectangular quad tailpipe units on the W176 A 45 and the current crop of AMG 63s.

The front of the A 35 is distinguished from lesser A-Class models by a twin-spar grille, whereas the front-end treatment is otherwise subtle and similar to that of the mainstream W177 A-Class range. Side air intakes with twin strakes add to the A 35’s sporting intent.

Though the teaser images here are limited to partial views of the car’s exterior, the A 35 can be expected to be fully kitted inside, with widescreen digital instrumentation. Under the hood, the A 35 is set to use a version of the M260 engine which is tipped to produce around 300 hp, right in the ballpark of the Mk7 VW Golf R. In M264 form, the engine produces 299 hp and 400 Nm of torque in the E 350 Coupe and Cabriolet.

When it comes to market, the positioning of the A 35 also serves to fill the gap between the mainstream A 250 and the A 45, which in Malaysia represented a price difference of over RM100,000. This also opens up room for the next-generation A 45 to push even further upmarket, especially as it has been rumoured to breach the 400 hp output mark.

GALLERY: Mercedes-AMG A 35 spyshots