If ever you find the Mercedes-AMG A 45 a little too brash or costly as an induction to the AMG family, well, the wait may soon be over, as a halfway-house A 35 is set to be offered alongside it.

Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG, told Top Gear that he sees a “huge opportunity for the A 35” and he described it as being the “A 45’s little brother.” The A 35 will act as a filler in the new A-Class range, slotting above the most powerful cooking model (currently the A 250 Sport) and pacesetter A 45.

Currently, the two are separated by 170 horsepower (211 hp vs 381 hp), and the next-generation A 45 is well on its path to break the 400 hp barrier. AMG remains tight-lipped on its powertrain, but one can expect the A 35 to be powered by detuned version of the A 45’s engine, possibly pushing over 300 hp.

At launch, the A 35 will also be the most affordable AMG model on offer. “The price point will be low, and not everything we can do with the 45 we can afford for the 35,” adds Moers. In Malaysia, the A 250 Sport and A 45 are priced at RM238,888 and RM348,888 respectively – a RM110,000 difference.

With the lower price point and purported output figures, the A 35 will take on the Volkswagen Golf R and FK8 Civic Type R. “It’s a step into a new segment where we’ve never been present in the past. I have my own approach how to do that; we have to have a close look at the competitors and who is going to be our benchmark. Then we work out what the task is of the A 35 in setting the new benchmark,” says Moers.

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