Audi and its Chinese partner First Automotive Works (FAW) are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their partnership this year, and confirmed plans to expand their product portfolio by more than 10 models by 2022 and launch their first all-electric cars.

On the list is the Q2 L e-tron, which is essentially an electric version of the long-wheelbase compact SUV for China revealed not too long ago. Based on the image provided, the EV looks virtually identical to those with internal combustion engines.

This look could just be the result of a poor mockup, as the Q2 L e-tron is expected to feature some design cues found on the e-tron like the designated grille. Audi did not provide any details about the powertrain that will be used in the Q2 L e-tron in its announcement.

However, the company did state the Q2 L e-tron will be launched in 2019, with local production of the e-tron to follow in 2020, one year after its market launch in China.